How the Staber Works
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Looking down into inner tub when open

Loading inner tub with laundry

Put detergents, bleach or softener in dispensers

Close tub doors with both hands

Inner tub doors closed correctly

Basic Operational Procedure

When it washes, the tub rotates in one direction at about 42 RPM for 13 seconds, pauses for 3 seconds, rotates the other direction (to keep your laundry from tangling), and so on.

You have immediate access to the inner tub while it is washing if you forgot a pair of socks, for example. The tub is locked while in the spin cycle. The washer spins briefly for just a minute in between each wash and rinse cycle.

When the final 5 minute spin cycle begins, the tub rotates counterclockwise. It begins very slowly and gradually picks up speed so that it can attempt to evenly spread everything around the tub to keep from going out of balance. There are about 4 different speed levels the tub goes through during the final spin. If the tub moves too much to the left and right it will hit the out of balance switch on the right side of the tub. Then the tub will coast to a stop, the water pump will keep pumping, and then the tub will attempt to spin again. The timer does not advance until the tub reaches full speed.

At the end of the final spin cycle, the tub rotates slowly (like in the wash cycle) to 'fluff' the laundry for a couple minutes. Finally, the tub rotates the doors to the top.

You have one wash and two rinses; you also have the option to use a 'pre-wash' which is just a 5-minute wash before the regular wash cycle and can be used to loosen the soil in extra dirty loads.

Call us at 1-928-567-4433 or send e-mail to if you have any other questions related to how the Staber washer operates.

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