T5 & T3.25 Wedge Incandescent Lamps
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This is a commercial lighting page - $100 minimum order.  We want to save you money.  Your input is requested.  Tell us your favorite or most used lamps.  Orders under $100 have a $15 small order fee.  Minimum quantity is inner-boxShipping is included   

Bulb Base Description Volts Watts Lumens Avg
Fil MOL Inner Box/
T5 Wedge 904 13.5 .69A 4cp 5K C-2F 1.49 10/2000 10 for $4.95
T5 Wedge 906 13.0 .69A 6cp 1K C-2F 1.49 10/2000 10 for $4.95
T5 Wedge 912 12.8 1.00A 12cp 1K C-2R 1.49 10/2000 10 for $4.95
T3.25 Wedge 912Xenon 12.8 1.00A 12cp 10K C-2R 1.49 10/2000 10 for $29.95
T5 Wedge 915 12.0 .75A 11cp 50 C-2R 1.49 10/2000 10 for $4.95
T5 Wedge 918 12.8 .56A 6.5cp 500 C-2R 1.49 10/2000 10 for $4.95
T3.25 Wedge 918Xenon 12.8 .56A 6.5cp 10K C-2R 1.49 10/2000 10 for $29.95
T5 Wedge 921 12.8 1.40A 21cp 500 C-2R 1.49 10/2000 10 for $4.95
T3.25 Wedge 921Xenon 12.8 1.40A 21cp 10K C-2R 1.49 10/2000 10 for $29.95

Constructed using a nickel-plated brass base to eliminate corrosion!

ALL lamps have a one year or realistic expected life warrantee -which ever comes first - we will subtract any bulb losses off future orders.

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