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keep looking UP!  The answer
is knowing and loving and
declaring Jesus Christ!!!
We were born with an autopilot set toward Hell. It is nothing to take lightly - Hell is the single greatest tragedy in the universe - REPENT and Choose Christ Today!

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Everyone has seven basic needs:

  • The need to know God.
  • The need to be special to others.
  • The need to share our hearts.
  • The need to be understood.
  • The need to do something great.
  • The need to do something that lasts.
  • The need to receive recognition.

There are only two things that will last for eternity - The Word of God and the souls of men and women who have given their lives to Jesus Christ.  We are not told in the word of God to make friends, but to make disciples.  And a great way to make disciples is to share the 49 commands of Christ with them in an organized - easily understood manner.  The Daily Success emails are one of many ways to do just that.  One command is shared each week with many encouraging testimonies and examples.  The program started out for men only, but many women love to receive them also (we all need to disciple others).  Single mothers especially need this encouragement. Thousands have already joined - you need to be the next to join!

As you read and share what you learn with others, you will meet every need listed above.   

  • You will get to know God better.
  • As you disciple others you will become very special to them.
  • After YOU read the "Daily Success" material your heart will be bursting to share the material with others.
  • The material is very easily understood and a joy to share with others
  • Discipling others is a GREAT work for the Lord.
  • Those who come to Christ will be with YOU forever in eternity!
  • Our Lord will say to you, "Well Done thou Good and Faithful Servant"

 I have been receiving the "Daily Success" emails for over a year now.  I first read them and then share them with my family at the breakfast table.  I also share them at the two men's prayer meetings that I lead thru the week.  Both prayer meetings are from 6am to 7am.  The men make a real sacrifice to get up and come - especially in the winter - but they rarely miss.  We are always glad that we made the sacrifice - some have been coming for 15 years.

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